Florence Residences Floor Plan

Floor Plan of Florence Residences

Florence Residences Floor Plan layout is thoughtfully designed to enhance your living experience and bring more comfort to you and your family. Modern Contemporary Architectural Design with Sophisticated Touch & Interesting Façade Expression by the developer and designer have brought the development to a whole new level of efficiency and luxury layout for Florence Residences.

It is able to contain:
474 to 603 sqft 1-bedroom
527 to 667 sqft 1+Study
624 to 915 sqft 2-bedroom
700 to 926 sqft 2+Study
893 to 1206 sqft 3-bedroom
1270 to 1701 sqft 4-bedroom
1668 to 1916 sqft 5-bedroom

Do take note that the floor plans are subjected to changes from the developer, to receive the latest floor plan kindly send in your request via our contact form below.







When reading the floor plan, you may like to understand some of the drawings means so that you have the full understanding of the floor plan.


This is obvious which lines represent the walls. However, the different link stroke has a different meaning and signify a different type of wall. The 3 main types of wall in most development are structured wall, normal wall and gable end wall.

Structured wall of a floor plan

The structural wall or pillar is a wall that holds the building together. It is important that you cannot hack a structural wall. The normal wall segregates the different area in the house such as the bedroom, study room, kitchen etc. Technically, you can hack off the normal wall, but you need to get relevant authority approval prior to the hacking. The Gable-end wall is the wall with short awnings on the exterior of the building to protect the apartment from the heat of the sun.

The Wall length from the floor plan

You can see numbers that surround the floor plan. These numbers represent the wall dimension (the length) in millimetres (mm).

Doors presented in the floor plan

There are 4 types of common door symbols that normally been used in a floor plan layout.

The first type is the swing doors. Normally it is shown like a wedged looking corners and it swinging angle. Typically for room door it is swing inwards. The exception is normally the

Windows presented in the floor plan

There are 3 common types of windows that you can find in a typical floor plan. The first type is a sliding window which is normally shown as a thin, hollow line by the walls. It can be hard to notice on the plan. The other type is casement windows. Casement windows allow you to swing it open like a door. It is normally represented by a closed wedge shapes. Normally, in the bathroom or utility room, there are small windows that are placed near to the top for ventilation. These are known as the top hung windows.

Other symbol in the floor plan

 Stairs presented in the floor plan

For maisonettes and in some penthouses, there can be staircases in the unit. It is normally shown by lined rectangles with arrows indication, indicating the direction of the movement.

The 50/100 drop in the floor plan

Normally, there is a drop in ceilings in wet area such as the kitchen, bathroom and balcony. The drop is normally for the facilitation of better drainage and it prevents flooding the other parts of the house.

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Florence-Residences Floor Plan